Avoid Chipped Paint Down the Road

Schedule exterior detailing services in Binghamton, NY

While your car may not have paint issues now, you may end up with chips and peeling if you don't care for your car properly. Direct Details in Binghamton, NY is here to help. Our exterior detailing services include ceramic coating options to protect your vehicle from the elements. When you schedule quarterly coating services, we'll give you a free car wash with each service and 10% off full interior detailing packages for your family and friends.

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Coatings can protect your vehicle

By applying a professional coating to your vehicle, you can reduce the risk of future cosmetic problems. We recommend System X coatings to protect your car's...

Paint. Our System X Diamond ceramic coating is perfect for the outside of your vehicle. Not only will it protect the paint, but it will also make colors appear brighter and richer with every application.

Interior. As part of our full interior detailing, we use a System X interior coating. This hydrophobic coating is designed to safeguard your seats, floors and other interior surfaces from stains.

Glass. Your windshield, windows, mirrors and headlights all need proper protection. Our glass coating repels water and helps keep your glass surfaces cleaner for longer.

Tires. Direct Details offers a semipermanent tire coating service to reduce wear and tear on your tread. For daily drivers, these coatings can last several months, so you'll have peace of mind all season.

Protecting your vehicle should always be a priority. Schedule exterior detailing services today.